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Step into the heart of Las Vegas glamour with 'Case & Friends Live at the OYO Hotel.' Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of rhythm and blues as the chart-topping R&B sensation, Case, takes residency at the iconic OYO Hotel for an extended engagement that promises to redefine the live music experience. Prepare to be captivated by Case's magnetic stage presence and smooth vocals as he performs a carefully curated setlist featuring all of his timeless hits. But this residency is not just a concert; it's a musical odyssey. Experience the magic as Case, backed by a powerhouse full band, breathes new life into his repertoire by delving into lesser-known gems and fan favorites that rarely grace the stage. The lush arrangements and live instrumentation promise to add layers of emotion and intensity to each performance. And that's not all – every weekend brings an element of surprise as Case introduces special guests to share the stage, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving experience for the audience. Whether you're a devoted fan or a newcomer to the world of R&B, 'Case & Friends Live' is an invitation to indulge in the sheer brilliance of live music in the entertainment capital of the world. Join us under the dazzling lights of Las Vegas at the OYO Hotel for an intimate and unforgettable musical journey.


Embrace the soulful symphony of R&B as we proudly present Case, an iconic figure in the world of rhythm and blues. With a career spanning over two decades, Case has proven time and again that his velvety vocals and heartfelt lyrics resonate with audiences across the globe. As we curate a one-of-a-kind experience for your Las Vegas residency, immerse yourself in the captivating artistry of Case, a true luminary of contemporary R&B.

Early Years:
Born Case Woodard in New York City, Case discovered his love for music at an early age. Growing up in the vibrant and diverse musical landscape of Harlem, he was influenced by the rich tapestry of sounds surrounding him. Drawn to the emotional depth of rhythm and blues, Case embarked on a journey that would later establish him as a maestro of soulful melodies.


Breakthrough Moments:
Case catapulted into the limelight with his debut album "Case" in 1996, featuring the chart-topping single "Touch Me, Tease Me." Collaborating with hip-hop heavyweights Foxy Brown and Mary J. Blige, Case solidified his position as a formidable force in the R&B scene. His subsequent releases, including "Personal Conversation" and "Open Letter," further showcased his versatility and ability to evoke raw emotion through his music.


Timeless Hits:
No retrospective of Case's career is complete without acknowledging the timeless classics that have become anthems for R&B enthusiasts. From the sultry "Happily Ever After" to the introspective "Missing You" and the infectious "Faded Pictures," each track is a testament to Case's ability to craft melodies that stand the test of time.


Las Vegas Residency:
Now, envision Case gracing the Las Vegas stage with his magnetic presence and soul-stirring performances. As he weaves through his extensive catalog of hits, the residency promises to be an immersive experience, drawing the audience into a world where the boundaries between performer and spectator blur.


Legacy and Influence:
Beyond his chart-topping success, Case's impact on the genre extends to his influence on a new generation of R&B artists. His dedication to authenticity and the genuine expression of emotion continues to inspire those who follow in his footsteps.


In the heart of Las Vegas, let Case serenade your audience with his unparalleled vocal prowess and timeless R&B classics. Immerse yourself in an experience that transcends the ordinary, as we invite you to join us on a journey through the soulful sounds of Case, an R&B legend poised to make your residency an unforgettable musical odyssey.

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Buckle up for an unparalleled entertainment extravaganza at 'Case & Friends Live at the OYO Hotel in Las Vegas.' As we elevate the R&B experience to unprecedented heights, we're not just talking about Case's incredible solo performances. Brace yourselves for a weekly lineup of extraordinary talent, where Case will be joined by an array of illustrious friends spanning various genres and forms of entertainment. From the comedic genius of Rodney Perry, Spank Horton and JJ Williamson, who will leave you in stitches with their unparalleled humor, to the soulful vocal stylings of Shaniece, Ginuwine, Syleena Johnson, and Q. Parker from 112, each weekend promises a star-studded spectacle. The stage will be graced by an ever-changing roster of guest artists, ensuring that no two shows are alike. Get ready to be surprised, delighted, and utterly immersed in the magic of live performance as 'Case & Friends Live' transforms into a collaborative celebration of music, laughter, and unforgettable moments in the vibrant heart of Las Vegas at the OYO Hotel.



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