"Nothing beats seeing the fruits of your labor manifest into dreams coming true and it makes all of the blood sweat and tears of the struggle worth it! We can't wait to see what Nikhol does next!"

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Nikhol Hing was born in Guyana, but brought to New York as a young child. Born to a Chinese South American, middle class father and a Portuguese and black mother, Nikhol faced a great deal of struggles with her mixed nationality. Additionally, her parents’ divorce at the age of nine led her to grow up with an identity crisis. Nikhol found herself being the number one target for bullies while growing up in Brooklyn and was forced to learn how to defend herself. Doing anything to be accepted amongst her peers, Nikhol grew up quicker than most.

At the age of 14, she was faced with the most difficult situation many teenagers face today. She became pregnant and had a son. At that young age, Nikhol had no choice but to grind. Every day she would leave her house at 5:30 a.m. to take her son to the babysitter’s house in order to be to school by 7:30 a.m. While dealing with a young son with health issues at the time, through it all, Nikhol graduated high school and went on to college. Taking a break from school to earn some money for herself and her son, Nikhol utilized her wildly attractive looks and outgoing personality to land a job as a Budweiser girl/cocktail waitress at a popular gentlemen’s club, as well as a ring girl in Atlantic City and Vegas. While she enjoyed making the money, the one thing she would never forget was how small the men in these environments would make her feel. She always knew she wanted to be her own boss, and from that moment she would do everything in her power to make that happen. Nikhol ended up having another child, her daughter Taylor and then Kamerin. In addition to working the nightlife side of entertainment, Nikhol also had a love for fashion. For as long as she could remember, she would cut, sew and alter everything she owned. Along with a lot of encouragement from the people in her life, Nikhol decided to attend F.I.T. and graduated with a degree in fashion design and merchandising. She then began working as a freelance stylist, and after making a name for herself in New York’s hip-hop scene, she was offered a position at The Source magazine.

Today, Nikhol and her fiancé have a total of eight children together, which includes her three, his four and the youngest child they have together. This modern day Brady Bunch includes, Devon 25, Macayo 25, Tyrique 24, Taylor 22, Kyoni 17, Kamerin 19, Jared 14, and Nicholas 9.

Staying true to her love of fashion, and after years of successful seasons with her own clothing line, The Nikhol Hing Collection, Nikhol opened a boutique called Klothh, in 2011. Located in the heart of South Beach, Miami, Klothh is quickly becoming a local fashion staple. Nikhol also supports and assists her husband, who is a former music industry executive and co-owner of various nightclubs nationwide, with the most popular being King of Diamonds in Miami. Being a mom, wife, fashion designer and boutique owner is definitely a difficult job, but one that she would not change for the world. Although Nikhol is in a constant battle with her daughter over her career decisions and how she has chosen to live her life, she remains supportive while vowing to help her navigate the hip-hop industry in a safe manner. This former teen mom is a certified hustler and will stop at nothing to make sure her family has everything they want.

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"“I always loved fashion and beauty my entire life, it comes naturally to me,” says Nikhol. Always keeping up with the latest trends and continuously exploring ways to reinvent herself and her own style, is what led Nikhol to creative fashion design. She now operates her own Boutique, Klothh in Miami."

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